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Wish Come True

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These little figures are brought to you by Friends With You and make up the Wish Come True series. They have weighted bottoms and play bell chimes while they rock gently to soothe you. The series includes Coco, Fluffy Pop, Malfi, Buddy Chub, Popo and Mr TTT and there are 3 more to come so keep your eyes peeled for them. You can buy these little cuties at Magic Pony.

wish come truewish come true 2

Yummy of the day

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A few years ago when I went to Lanzarote I bought this little guy who is called the Little Drop of Hope. He came with a card which said “This drop was collected with a leaf from a centenary oak at a starry dawn. One reaches the state of hope under the influence of its magic powers.” I’m not sure if he works but this year I bought another, the Love Witch, who says she will help me find the man of my dreams if I burn insence in her witchy pot. There are loads more, each with their own magical powers at Tallersur.

little drop of hope