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I’m a Barbie girl

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The amazing Margaux Lange has just released a sneeky peek from her new solo show which is running from 5th December at the Luke & Eloy Gallery in Pittsburgh, USA. For those us who can’t afford the air fare and are stuck in dreary old England hop over to her blog and her store and droooool….
and if you’re still hungry for Barbie’s bits then you can follow her on Twitter

Hooray for H

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I’m a sucker for a bit of vintage so I neaarly choked on my walnut whip when I came across H is for Home. Full of vintage and retro homewares which will make my new pad sparkle.

H - cake platesH - cake standH - cake stand2H - Steak plates

New Barbie Beauty

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I am a huge huge huge huge fan of Margaux Lange’s Barbie jewellery and even though it’s not been that long since I raved about it I had to share a link to her new piece. For those of you who missed it first time round, make sure you check out her Blog and her Etsy Shop.

Bubblegum POP

Yummy of the Day

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Todays Yummies come from a selection by Benjamin Long. You can find other artwork from him here.

Benjamin Long 1

Benjamin Long 2

Vintage Yummy

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This little mushroom is not only yummy, it also stores your cash. There’s a little coin slot on the back of the mushroom and it comes with it’s original key. Vintage practical and delicious – bring out the pixie in you and buy it from Wooden Donkey Vintage.

Vintage Mushroom - Woodendonkey

Barbie Massacre

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Throughout my childhood I lived vicariously through my Barbies. I had a Ken doll too but he always fancied my friend Katy’s Barbies – she had the Barbie swimming pool and I just couldn’t compete. Now I’m a bit too old for Barbie but one person has geniously created a way to keep Barbie fun for all ages. Check out the amazing jewellery at Margaux Lange where you will find brooches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and custom made pieces all using chopped up pieces of Barbie and her boyfriend. Mutilation has never looked so good.

barbie jewellery

Yummy of the Day

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OK, so technically this just a shameless plug for my half finished website. There’s not much to see yet but it will soon be filled with delightful creations, delicious artwork, unique clothing and accessories and basically anything me and my friends
can find or make. Bookmark it now.