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Cute Food

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64 Colors has a number of giclee prints available for just $20 and they all feature a bunch of cute foods. Check out Cherry Baby, Cheese-Ketchup, Drip and more – here

cherry baby - 64 colours

cheese-ketchup - 64 colours

drip - 64 colours

Yummy of the Day

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There’s a mass of yummies today courtesy of Itasho. Don’t try to eat them though – not that you would try to eat a whale or a penguin – these are mini erasers (or rubbers if you’re from my neck of the woods)

itasho rubbers

Cook up a treat

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This website initially caught my eye as the photo of the shop shows they have a giant ice-cream in the window and so I had click around and found they also have some great stuff for sale – like these cookbooks which come in their own little oven.
Check out Fred Flare


Ice-Cream and Panda’s

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The little panda reminds me of Pandy from Panda Go Panda

By Australian artist Lilly Piri –

What do you want?

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tea-and-cakei want ice cream

The art of Joey Weiser