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Tinsel Time

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I finally moved into my new house and, now the stress is over, it’s time to get festive. What better way to decorate my cosy new lounge than with these little cuties from A di Alessi. Now all I have to do is decide whether or not I want the Christmas Cowboy, the Hug Tree or the Nativity Scene. You can get these, and a couple of others too, at Panik-Design

Hooray for H

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I’m a sucker for a bit of vintage so I neaarly choked on my walnut whip when I came across H is for Home. Full of vintage and retro homewares which will make my new pad sparkle.

H - cake platesH - cake standH - cake stand2H - Steak plates

Time to wash up?

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I couldn’t have put it better myself!
Get it quick, before I buy the last ones – Miso Funky

fuck the dishes

To Dry For

Posted in Housey Things with tags , , , , on August 3, 2009 by Looks Delicious

I have to admit that I don’t often buy new tea towels. Most of the ones I own are gimmicky ones bought in souvenir shops. I have the one that features the London underground map, Seabirds of Scotland, Landmarks of Dorset and my current favourite which is Six Wonders of the Isle of Wight which includes such gems as ‘Cowes you cannot milk’ and ‘Freshwater you cannot drink’. But since I am on the lookout for a new house I have been looking at lots of housey things and I stumbled upon To Dry For. A whole website dedicated to tea towels, I do love it when someone makes life easy for me, although I will miss the ‘name a seabird’ game we play everytime we do the washing up.

Click here for tea towel joy

To Dry For to dry for 1

Vintage Yummy

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This little mushroom is not only yummy, it also stores your cash. There’s a little coin slot on the back of the mushroom and it comes with it’s original key. Vintage practical and delicious – bring out the pixie in you and buy it from Wooden Donkey Vintage.

Vintage Mushroom - Woodendonkey

Cook up a treat

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This website initially caught my eye as the photo of the shop shows they have a giant ice-cream in the window and so I had click around and found they also have some great stuff for sale – like these cookbooks which come in their own little oven.
Check out Fred Flare


For a totally tropical taste

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Check out the stuff at Pineapple Ice Bucket.
You’ll find a host of retro goodies which Sophie has discovered, like this amazing Jane Mansfield hot water bottle – how cool is that, or should that be how hot is that?


She’s got everything from telephones to handbags but you have to grab them quick – trust me, I learned the hard way.