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Yummy of the Day

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The only sight yummier than a cupcake is the sight of 16 cupcakes, lined up just waiting for me to eat them. These little lovelies are brought to you by Tart and actually have got magic edible fairy dust on them. With flavours like Strawberry Cloud Cake, Ooey Gooey Chocolate and Caramel Mud Cake. Visit Tart

cakes by tart

Yummy of the Day

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If you’re after an instant outfit updater to make you stand out from the Topshop clones and which doesn’t break the bank then check out Cotton Candy Corsage. There are corsage brooches and necklaces made from silk, satin and printed cotton and hair candy like hairbands and fascinators.

Each piece is hand made by Rebecca Holland to make every one unique. It’s not just fashion darling – it’s art.

Who needs candy?

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No Candy - Baby Lemonade

One of my favourite artists is Fawn Gehweiler and I love her website, No Candy, which has loads of fantastic stuff like the picture above. It says on her CV that she was described by The Face magazine as “the visual equivalent of candyfloss peppered with broken glass” and that’s my kind of visual.

There are prints, pins, postcards and bags available for sale on her site so make sure you pay her a visit at