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Cute Food

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64 Colors has a number of giclee prints available for just $20 and they all feature a bunch of cute foods. Check out Cherry Baby, Cheese-Ketchup, Drip and more – here

cherry baby - 64 colours

cheese-ketchup - 64 colours

drip - 64 colours

Yummy of the Day

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Today we have a double yummy from BAM – because I couldn’t decide which one I liked best between Delicious Flying Treats and McF*cked. Plus it’s always nice to see paintings which regular old folk like me and you can afford. Make your walls happy and buy one here.

Delicious flying treats - edgeart

McF*cked - Edgeart

Yummy of the Day

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There’s a mass of yummies today courtesy of Itasho. Don’t try to eat them though – not that you would try to eat a whale or a penguin – these are mini erasers (or rubbers if you’re from my neck of the woods)

itasho rubbers

Do you want fries with that?

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Looks yummy but don’t chomp down on this burger unless you want a mouthfull of zip and vinyl. Part Hamburger, part Handbag – the Ham Bag is available from – and if you don’t fancy a burger you can always opt for the Hot (dog) Bag.

Fancy a Whopper?

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Mr TTT Burger

He looks far too good to eat, Mr TTT Burger is apparently made from the finest ingredients and his bread head pops off revealing his ketchup mate and his lettuce buddy. Go see him at