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Cook up a treat

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This website initially caught my eye as the photo of the shop shows they have a giant ice-cream in the window and so I had click around and found they also have some great stuff for sale – like these cookbooks which come in their own little oven.
Check out Fred Flare


Yummy of the Day

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OK, so technically this just a shameless plug for my half finished website. There’s not much to see yet but it will soon be filled with delightful creations, delicious artwork, unique clothing and accessories and basically anything me and my friends
can find or make. Bookmark it now.


Do you want fries with that?

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Looks yummy but don’t chomp down on this burger unless you want a mouthfull of zip and vinyl. Part Hamburger, part Handbag – the Ham Bag is available from – and if you don’t fancy a burger you can always opt for the Hot (dog) Bag.

Yummy of the Day

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Eat me Drink me Bag

A bag that looks good enough to eat. Reminds me of the day I fell down the rabbit hole…….

Eat Me, Drink Me, Buy Me – from Dolly Dagger