To Dry For

I have to admit that I don’t often buy new tea towels. Most of the ones I own are gimmicky ones bought in souvenir shops. I have the one that features the London underground map, Seabirds of Scotland, Landmarks of Dorset and my current favourite which is Six Wonders of the Isle of Wight which includes such gems as ‘Cowes you cannot milk’ and ‘Freshwater you cannot drink’. But since I am on the lookout for a new house I have been looking at lots of housey things and I stumbled upon To Dry For. A whole website dedicated to tea towels, I do love it when someone makes life easy for me, although I will miss the ‘name a seabird’ game we play everytime we do the washing up.

Click here for tea towel joy

To Dry For to dry for 1

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